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Charcot Restraint Orthotic Walker Boot was ordered for me by my Foot & Ankle specialist.  He said I should have had one of these since March 2012 to prevent some of the damage that occurred between then and now.  Unfortunately I was mis-diagnosed in February 2012 as having Gout so my foot was never given the chance to stabilize with a cast or restraint boot.  
Damage continued to occurred until I was given an SP Walker Boot in October as a stop-gap measure by a different physician.  Finally I can walk with my foot structure fully and evenly supported and ankle movement severely restricted.  No pain with walking now.  No pressure wounds due to prominences on the deformed foot. No arch collapse because of inadequate support.  At least the Foot & Ankle specialist caught it before irreversible trauma had occurred (at that point, amputation might have been required!).



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